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Equisolum floors  

A special space deserves a special floor

We're sure you'll agree. Floors in stables have to meet the most stringent requirements. Requirements in terms of Uwear and tear, cleaning and animal welfare. This is why RP Industries has poured all its knowledge and experience into efforts to create a new, high-quality flooring for these areas. The result is EQUISOLUM. A safe and comfortable floor for animals, with a host of advantages for their owners.


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Strength through cooperation  

RP-Industries : strength through cooperation

Rp Industries is an established name in the production of floor systems based on synthetic resins. Our group unites a number of companies that combine easily to form an excellent team. A formula that guarantees national and international success. Because thanks to shared knowledge and experience, we produce various synthetic resin floors of the highest quality. Formulated under the ISO 9001-label, designed to meet the most stringent requirements and then perfectly laid.


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