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An Equisolum floor... why?  

Thanks to its jointless, sealed and soft structure, Equisolum is ideally suited for stables. Animal shelters and stud farms will also soon discover the advantages of Equisolum.

  • Non-slip. Equisolum helps prevent harm to limbs. Rubber granulates in the composition ensure a non-slip base. This means that Equisolum is also particularly suitable for washing areas and means of transport.

  • For an optimal stable climate. Inappropriate stabling can weaken a horse's natural immune system. The flooring helps define this climate. Equisolum is a first-class insulator for the (usually cold) base.

  • Durable. Tests prove it. Equisolum easily outdoes concrete when it comes to wear and tear. What’s more, Equisolum is chemically resistant and can withstand most acids.

  • Jointless. Hence, free of germs and dust. So Equisolum contributes to a healthy living environment for the horse

  • Even. Back and leg problems in horses can be the consequence of an uneven floor. The unique composition of Equisolum, its great flexibility and perfect laying ensure a high-quality stable floor.

  • Soft. The rubber in Equisolum makes it a soft, comfortable floor for your animals, with shock- and sound absorption properties.

  • Easy to maintain. Equisolum is easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner, for instance.
Cast floor with three components  

Equisolum is a three-component cast floor comprising mainly polyurethane and recycled rubber. Thanks to this rubber Equisolum feels very soft. Polyurethane ensures it a very long lifespan. The standard Equisolum floor is black, 17 to 23 mm thick and entirely jointless.

Ready for use after one week  

Our team of flooring specialists is ready to lay your Equisolum floor. After an average of seven days the floor is laid, dry and ready for use

  • Once the base has been dried and if necessary levelled, we lay a primer based on epoxy resins that ensures a good fixation between the floor and the subfloor
  • The following day all the Equisolum components are mixed and cast on site. Equisolum is mechanically resistant after four days and chemically resistant after seven days hardening.


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